Andrea Danielle offers beauty treatments, training courses and business support.


Andrea fell into the beauty industry when she was 20 and a single mum to her 4 year old daughter. She was working in a pub and a customer left a college prospectus on the bar. She had a flick through and a massage therapy course caught her eye.


She enrolled on the course and found a love for learning, working with people and providing a service in the beauty industry. Andrea continued to train in more treatments and built a business from scratch, no loans, no help, just hard work and determination. 

A few years after building a client base working from her living room, Andrea took her teaching qualification and has taught 100's of other females how to perform beauty treatments. Andrea now has a home salon and is based in South Reading. 

Andrea runs a coaching group (The Building Of A Boss) for aspiring business owners and those already running a business who would like some support and to be part of a non-judgement community. 

Her most recent project is holding events for female business owners . Her aim is to bring women together, especially as working for yourself can be lonely.

Empowering rather than competing is what she wishes for all females. 

If you have any questions regarding any service Andrea offers or if you would like to talk about sponsoring our events, please get in touch. 


Andrea's Story