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Skin boosters

What is a skin booster?

Skin boosters are a gel like solution made up of hyaluronic acid (an ingredient already found in your skin) which is delivered into the skin through a series of tiny injections. 


A booster involves lots of micro injections scattered across the face. You can choose a large area of your face or just single areas, such as your cheeks, forehead, eyes, around your mouth, neck or even your hands or body areas.  Here are a couple of examples:

  • Profhilo – we map out 5 points on either side of the lower face using the ‘BAP’ technique. This targets your cheeks and lower face.

  • Jalupro – we carry out lots more injections all over a specific area. You choose the area you want to focus on eg. cheeks, neck, around your eyes or around your mouth to improve ‘bar code lines’.


How does it work?

Skin boosters increase the water content of the skin because hyaluronic acid makes the skin super hydrated and brighter. In addition skin boosters have a ‘bio-remodelling effect’ as well, which means they make your skin improve from the inside out.

The hyaluronic acid which is slowly released into the skin, causes a chain reaction of events. Your skin starts working harder and produces more collagen and elastin.  These substances make your skin firmer and smoother, and therefore more youthful.

Overall a booster will make you look fresher, brighter, and with smoother firmer skin.

What is the difference between skin boosters and fillers?

The difference is that the types of products are uniquely designed to do 2 very different things. Traditional fillers are used to alter shape and volume, for example injecting filler into your cheeks to improve the shape and contour of your face. A filler stays where it’s put.

A skin booster is not changing the shape or contour of your face in any way. The product is finer and is designed to evenly spread around the level of skin where it’s injected. This will give the skin an instant improvement, as well as kick starting a long term renewal process.

Is a skin booster safe?

Even though this treatment involves lots of tiny injections, in general it’s a safer treatment than a dermal filler.  That’s because the solution is very thin and cannot cause the blockage of a blood vessel (known as a  vascular occlusion).

There is a risk of bruising and some swelling. For example with Profhilo you can expect a raised bump, a bit like a bee sting which can last for a few hours up to 2 days.  You can also get some swelling around the eyes, especially if you are prone to puffiness in this area.

With other boosters which require many more injections you can get bruising.  This really depends on the area being treated. Around the eyes there’s a very good chance of getting a bruise, whereas around the mouth or cheeks it’s less likely.  That said even if you do get a bruise, it should heal with no long lasting effects.

How many sessions are required?

Most boosters are designed to be carried out in a package of 2 or 3 sessions. The full improvement can take around 4 weeks.

How long does it last?

Skin booster should last up to 6 months. After that time you can repeat the process or just continually ‘top up’ your skin with individual treatments at 3-6 month intervals.

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